Friday, May 18, 2012

Family Tree

My sister-in-law and I had a little Pinterest challenge the week before Mothers' Day.  We enjoy looking at all the great ideas so much that we sometimes forget to DO the projects.  So we challenged each other to complete one of the beauty tips, or home decor items, or crafts, or recipes, or hairdos, or exercise routines we had pinned - or we had to start deleting them.  No!  No!  I can't part with my pretty pins!

So I made family trees for my mom and first mother-in-law.  It was roughly based on this lovely family tree that I adore (and I wish I knew where it came from so I could credit the artist!):

and this tutorial from the very creative Gardners2Bergers blog.  The picture I pinned on Pinterest says this when I click on it:

Then it tries to tell me that my project inspiration is either spam or inappropriate content, which is really funny because it is so far from either of those.  Anyway, their tree looks like this:

Becca has a very nice tutorial on how to make the tree using Microsoft Word.   I also used Word and WordArt to make my tree, but it was a little bit easier than how she describes the process.  It worked very well, but I'm not gonna lie - it still took a long time.  It looks like both of my inspiration trees start from you (or a couple), and traces their lineage back to parents, grandparents, great-grands, and so forth.  I started with my folks (or my folks-in-law), and showed their children as main branches (and their spouses), with all the grandchildren being at the ends.  I guess your ancestors would be the roots of this tree.  I like how it turned out, and my mom loved it (you loved it, didn't you, Mom?).

And that is my Pinterest project challenge that I made for Mothers' Day.  My pins are safe for now. The end.

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