Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers' Day Gifts

I wanted to share the sweet sentiments in the Mothers' Day card Eddie gave me.  It starts out, "dear mom," in his neatest third-grade writing.  Then comes the xeroxed verse:

When flowers bloom
And skies are clear
And baby robins softly sing,
I think of you
Both night and day
And thank you, Mom
    for everything!

On the next page, Eddie carefully recorded his dearest sentiments for the mother he loves:

When skies are blue
and flowers are new,
When the world is nice,
you never think about the people dying to protect you.
Without them there would never be a nice day.

On the last page, in giant letters to fill the entire page, he scrawls, "you are the Best!!"

I love being a Mom and watching these boys grow.  This one has such a tender heart, and it's a joy to love him.

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