Monday, June 3, 2013

Hanky Panky

We woke up too early.  Either that, or the morning started too early.  Doesn't matter - it feels the same.  Don't want to get up.  I rolled over into Trent.  And smile.

Within roughly three seconds, a little person's head appeared at my side of the bed.  Georgie, grinning, climbed into the bed.  I pulled up the covers to let him in, and he snuggled into me.  Moments later, another little head appeared at Trent's side of the bed.  Freddie scrambled up and snuggled into his daddy.

The bed was getting cozy (realtor-speak for "crowded"), but I wasn't ready to get up just yet.  Trent wrapped his other arm around me and pulled me closer.  He stroked my hair, and kissed the nape of my neck.  I sighed.  He nibbled a little more.  No way was I getting up.  It wouldn't go much further with young 'us around, but it was so nice...

Suddenly, Georgie sat up.  "Daddy!" he yelled.  In my grogginess, it was startling.  Trent also sat right up when he heard the next thing out of the little guy's mouth.  "Have you sex?"

That was the end of snuggling for the morning.  "Do you think they know... do they understand...?"  Trent was worried as he hurried his clothes on.

I laughed, because I heard, "Daddy!  Are you six?"  And the next thing Georgie said, that Trent didn't hear in his quick escape from the bed, was "You are six and I am fwee."

Funny how things sound differently when you aren't quite awake.

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