Saturday, June 1, 2013

Computer Confessions

It was a crazy day yesterday.  What should I expect from the first day of "school's out" and not being ready for it?  Serves me right.

And then Ben cut through the internet cable.  He was digging post holes and trenches so we could put in the chicken run.  I told him to do the chore, and where to do it - not remembering that there was a cable back there.  When we moved in this house, we laid the internet line inside a pipe for protection.  So of course Ben cut right through the entire pipe.  Maybe next year I won't let him sign up for weight training as a PE class.

I was getting ready to go grocery shopping when the line was cut.  Remember when I was working so hard on making up a menu and getting all the food we would need to feed all these summertime mouths?  I am just now getting around to going grocery shopping.  It's not that the task itself is hard, but I do have a hard time settling everything so I can leave the house.  It's something I can work on.

But it didn't happen yesterday.  Because I needed to console the now internet-less lads.  And I had to figure out how to get the line repaired.  I had a great solution: call Trent.  My hero.  He called the internet company, got everything arranged so they would come out right away, and even came home from work to make sure it all was done correctly.  So glad I have him to share life with!

And I didn't make it to the grocery store.  By the time everything was all better, the twins were up from their nap.  And then... and then... and then...  And then it was the end of the day and I was tired so I went to bed.

The most interesting part of the whole drama was how lost I felt when I knew I had no internet.  Lost.  Disconnected.  I immediately thought of all the things I "needed" to do that I now couldn't.

I need to do some examining.  Perhaps I might be spending too much brain energy on the computer.  And even if I don't spend too much actual time in front of the monitors, I might be spending too much time thinking about it.  Or depending on it.  We even had to get out a phone book <gasp!> to find a phone number and an address.  Pity.

Maybe we're forgetting how to think by ourselves.  I think I shall google that to see if it's a real problem.

<back now> It is!  It is a real problem.  It's called infobesity.  I shall like this.

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