Friday, June 21, 2013

Great Families Hug

I am Angel and I am 4.  My birthday is in three months.  I think that is after this Sunday and then the next and then it will be my birthday!

I think our flamly is great because we "stir the pot."  It's always fun.  We are all together in a circle.  So we pretend there's a pot (in the middle of the family circle) and there's pudding in there and soup in there and we just stir it up and mix it up together.  And so we do like this (sticks thumb out like a hitchhiker) and we put our thumbs out like this (everyone stacks their fists on top of each other, with your thumb up and holding the thumb below in your fist - as if all helping hold a giant stirring spoon) and stir all together and we say:

Stirring the pot of family love
Goodnight everyone!
Group hug!

And we all hug.  That's what's fun.  I like hugging ever-body. And it's silly and we laugh.

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