Thursday, June 20, 2013

Great Families Smile

Alec is leaving this weekend.  Going to boot camp.  Yi, yi, yi.

I need to have a family picture before my family changes, because it ain't ever gonna be the same again.  I'm ok with that.  Life changes and they grow.  Growing is a good thing - hard, but good.  

Our last family portrait (I'm discounting the after-church hurry up and smile for me puleeze shots) was nearly three years ago.  Too long.  So we need something more current.  Something more now.  Something more this-is-my-boy-while-he-is-gone.  

The only time we could do it was early Tuesday morning.  I expected everyone to moan and groan about getting up at 5:30, but they didn't.  They got up all cheerful and helpful.  I was amazed and delighted.  We had a good session with my fun youngest brother - hero to my older boys.  We chose a spot in the backyard that would catch the morning golden light, and stood and smiled.  We all had a good time, and I have my portraits.  Happy Mama, me.

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