Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Name That Vitamin

Just because inquiring minds want to know...

The big clear-ish pill that looks like fish oil is omega-3 (to help my moods stabilize), the big dark metallic pill is magnesium (for anxiety), the light tan pill is ginkgo (to improve circulation), the little pill that looks like a drop of light is vitamin D (sunshine therapy), and the big happy yellow pill is a B-100 complex vitamin (for energy and to help me cope).

I don't rely on pills to make me happy.  I've been working really hard on getting rid of some of the negative thoughts I've been harboring, and remembering some of the better coping strategies I've learned.  Also, I read my scriptures and pray more.  I get my best help from the Lord.  That said, I'll make sure my body has what it needs, too.

So far, my feet aren't always cold, I'm not sitting on the couch all day, I love my sweet husband again, I'm not falling into bed at way-past-exhausted, Eddie caught me humming (he said he likes it because that means I'm happy - and I haven't been humming for a while), I've cleaned up my house, I don't feel like I'm dragging, and I smile more often than not.  After a while, I'll quit some of the vitamins and see which ones work best.  For now, I've found my happy again.

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