Thursday, February 28, 2013

Love My Husband, Reprise

At the beginning of this month, I wrote this nice little thought:
This month, I will work on loving my husband, without asterisks. Without fine print. Without inserting any "yeah, but..." comments....My new choice, then, is to not get bothered.
And then, on Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day! Of all days!), I typed out this gem:
It was nice to have a break from cooking - even if dinner was much later than I'd intended.
With shame, I must admit that the comment about the timing of dinner constitutes an asterisk, fine print, a negation of the previous positive words. Dang. I guess I'm not perfect after all.

To say that this month has been all lovey and roses (although there have been plenty of both - and more than usual) would be a blatant lie. Or I would be living on some other planet. Here on Earth, I live in Realityville and I know that I screw up. Often. And my husband sometimes makes mistakes. And my kids are not perfect.

In retrospect, my February goal was a good one. I did better on being less snarky and having fewer sarcastic thoughts. Not that I'm a terrible wife! At least, I don't think I am. But I do have room to improve. Don't we all?  My husbands's quirks don't bother me anywhere near as much as they used to.  I've been ever so much better at not depending on him for my happiness.  I give that one to the Lord, who helps me keep a more even keel (assuming my body is healthy and working properly).

 I want to love with everything I've got and have an amazing relationship and be one of those old grandmas who is still holding hands with her sweetheart while she is falling over.

And I'm getting closer to that. The loving part, not the falling over dead part. (Trent sighs, relieved)

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