Saturday, February 2, 2013

Groundhog Day

Really.  How many of you watched Groundhog Day today?  We do it every year.  Of course!  With some groaning, of course.  This year, (I think it was David) asked how many times we'd watch it today.  Over and over and over again, my dear...

But yeah, most of the kids watched it with me.  I missed the end because I was making dinner, which was a bummer because that's the best part.  It was fun to just sit and laugh together.

Afterwards, we had an interesting conversation.  And here are some things we learned from the movie:

  • It's easy to feel like your actions and your contributions aren't getting you anywhere, or like no one appreciates what you do.  
  • When you don't feel progress, or don't feel like there are any repercussions to what you do, it's easy to act out and do crazy or stupid things.
  • Learning new things and making yourself better is always a good plan.
  • We feel the best sense of accomplishment by helping others.
  • Your actions always have consequences, even if we don't see them.
  • Regardless of how badly you messed up yesterday, the Lord always gives you a new morning and a new day with no mistakes in it yet!
Happy Groundhogs Day!

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