Monday, February 18, 2013

Bluntly, Please

My good friend came over the other day.  After some conversation, she nervously admitted that she had an ulterior motive for visiting with me.  She wondered how she should proceed.  With bluntness, please.  It's nice to have a friend who loves you enough to tell you when you are being stupid.  And then still loves you.

She has been worried about my health.  "Your depression has been getting worse," she explained.  "You need to do something about it."  Has it?  No, I'm sure I've been fine.  I've been sick...  But you don't normally get sick.  And never for so long.  And I've been a bit down from the winter blues... Since before the winter started?  And I've been so tired, but it's because I haven't been exercising...  Is that really why?  I've been so cold - it's been a hard winter...  Not that much different than usual.  I have been crying a lot...  Don't think it's depression yet?  OK, ok.  I concede.

I'll make an appointment with my doctor to get my thyroid levels checked.  That would explain the tired, the cold, and the dry.  And my friend brought me over a smattering of vitamins to see if that would help bring up the cheer quotient.  It has been helping.  And thanks for noticing.  And thanks for being brave enough to say it bluntly.  (Yeah, I swallowed that in one gulp.  Yum.)


  1. I love you. Good friends are from heaven. I hope you feel on the up and up SOON!!

  2. Thanks! Doing much better than before, and still working on it. Thanks for your cheer!