Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happy Birthday, Eddie!

My boy is 10.  Ten!

I love his thick, wavy hair that somehow never seems to go just the way he wants it to.  It looks awesome, and it keeps your head warm in the winter, buddy.  I waited a long time for a child to look even remotely like me and not just like his dad (though I love the way he looked, too!).  When Eddie was born, I could stop having to tell people that I was Jay's second wife because one of the children actually looked like he came from Mom's gene pool.

We had some of his friends come over for a birthday breakfast.  Trent made an amazing pizza stromboli (eggs and cheese and pepperoni and peppers rolled up in a log of bread dough), and then we let the kids have ice cream and toppings over waffles.  They had a great time with the chocolate syrup and sprinkles and whipped cream.  Do not watch a bunch of ten-yer-old boys with a bottle of spray whipped cream.  Just don't watch.

We let them loose in the family room with a box of old matchbox cars and several rolls of masking tape.  They had a great time making roads that went around the room, to parking garages, up and over the furniture, and around in circles.  There was even a jump off a banana chair, and a long bridge constructed of a few upside-down chairs.  So fun and creative!

And then we took them home.  That is my secret to a good party - offer to take all the kids home at the end.  That way, their parents don't have to come back, and I can take them home when I'm done having them.  And it's a fun party bus all the way around town, dropping off kids.

I think they all had fun.  Eddie did, and I did too.  Win.

Happy birthday, my double-digit pile of smiles.  So glad the Lord sent you to our home!


  1. Mr. Eddie is the sweetest sweetie pie there is! Love you buddy!

    BTW, I may have to steal your party idea. You're so awesome!

    1. Steal my party idea? Breakfast is a party idea? I thought it was a cop-out for lazy moms who don't throw parties. But ok. I'll sell it to you.