Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Year's Resolution

And while I'm thinking about things I ought to be doing this year, I ought to address the dreaded New Year's Resolution.  Once the Christmas tree is down, and the floor vacuumed of fake pine tree needles (which sure don't smell as nice), we think of the whole next year.  Funny how normally we can take a day or two, or a week at a time.  But in January, we somehow think that we can take on an entire year - and plan it!  No wonder we have so many failing marks on our resolutions report card.

In the past, I've done all kinds of things - I suppose we all have.  I've made lists of resolutions.  I've made 5 goals, one for each finger.  I've made graduated goals to add on to each month.  I've made a goal to not have any goals.  Heck, I've even made lists of resolutions for everyone around me to keep!  And they all work about the same: good for a while, and then... not so good.  I suppose making goals and striving to accomplish things can only make us better people in the long run, though.

Do read this wonderful article about finding real joy.  It is so lovely!

This year, I'll concentrate on the single word: JOY.  Christmas is such a reverent, magical time for me, and I suppose it is the joy that wiggles down deep into our hearts that makes us feel so... wonderfully Christmasy.  I was thinking of focusing on "happy", but all too often I just don't feel happy.  Maybe I could do "happier", but I want more than that.  I want the peaceful heart, give my troubles to the Lord, "I can maintain a smoother life even when everything around me is falling apart" kind of happy.  I think that is joy.

The kids picked the word "Feast" to focus on this year.  I think, while grinning a little bit, that it is inspired by our always-hungry teen-aged boys.  I can never seem to feed them quite enough.  But I think there are some fun overtones to the term, helping us remember to make the most of all the good things we have.

I'll give updates as to how our focus words go this year.  Now, I ought to go see how I can put them up so we don't forget.

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