Thursday, January 26, 2012


I was tucking little Miss Angel in to bed the other night.  It's getting to be quite a routine she demands!  She was hyper from the late hour, and was resisting my efforts to calm and quiet her.  In a smooth voice, I started telling her what the other kids were doing.  "Alec is sleeping in his bed, and David is getting his pajamas on, and Chris is already in his bed, just like you are in your bed."  I went on, "And Grandma is in her  bed, and Grandpa is in his bed, sleeping and snoring."  I paused.  "Do you know what snoring is?"

"No," she answered.  She was talking now, not whining.  A good sign.

"Snoring is when you sound like this while you are sleeping," I explained, and did a short impression of a cartoon snore.

Angel though about this for a moment, and then said, "I don't haf any snores."  She loudly sniffed through her nose to show me that there were, indeed, none there.  "Nope," she proclaimed in her best authoritative three-year-old voice, "no snores.  Because I am not noisy.  Prob'ly Gramma wakes up and says, 'Grandpa!  Be quiet!'  But I am not noisy when I'm sleep."

And she settled down, her dear head nestled into her soft pink pillow, ready to spend the night - quietly.

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