Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Year, I'm Gonna...

I should write more.  I think we can all say that "I should (insert ANYTHING!) more."  And afterwards, we sigh and think poorly of ourselves.  So I'm actually gonna do something about it.

I have so many happy things and blessings happening all the time.  I really do.  I forget about the good things when I get down and discouraged, and think that just because I'm feeling black, the rest of my life is the same way.

SO... this year, I am going to write EVERY DAY (edited to add: every day that I remember!) about the little happinesses that come my way.  A blessing, funny words from my little angels, tender mercies, something beautiful... these things are all around me.  Join me as I start on this new year, recording the wonderful moments that come by - and may have otherwise passed, unnoticed.  But not this year!

My eyes are peeled and my heart is open.

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