Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mom Shower

I got a shower this morning.  No, that should be in capital letters.  I GOT A SHOWER THIS MORNNG!  Showering wasn't always an event worthy of shouting.  I used to be able to maintain proper personal hygiene on a regular basis with a minimum of fanfare.  But then I beame a mother.  I could get in the shower just fine while the baby was sleeping, but I couldn't turn on the water because then I wouldn't be able to hear if the little bundle woke up and started to cry, Heaven forbid.  I finally figured out that if I pulled the basinette into the bathroom (it had wheels, after all), I could peek in on the slumbering babe every few seconds.  They breathe better that way - the moms anyway.  And it gets more involved with each addition to the family.

Now that I have given birth to eight children (did I really say that out loud?), a mom shower is a rare luxury indeed.  I try to sneak one in late at night, when I am exhausted enough to be in danger of drowning whilst standing upright.  But today, I showered in broad daylight.  With children around.  And I was clean!  I felt so accomplished.

I was on top of the world.  If my day starts like this (nevermind that it was 10 AM already), I can accomplish anything!  Of course, I didn't have any clean pants to get into - I hadn't been anticipating that I would get to sneak in some personal time there.  But clean and happy and motivated, in my dirty jeans, I came forth to survey the world to tackle.  I can take on anything!

The first thing I found was this:

Evidently, no one had informed Georgie that a play ball is not food.  He had taken two dozen bites out of it, exposing its soft white innards, just like an tasty apple.  The half-million chewed-up bits of ball were strewn across the babies' room, and I'm sure we will find more in the diapers.  He just looked up at me, with those lovely innocent eyes, and I couldn't help but love him.  Aww.  What a cutie.

As I cleaned up the plastic and foam bits, the house became quiet.  Bad sign.  Very bad sign.  I ran down the hallway to find this (the faint-of-heart may want to avert their eyes.):


Little Miss Angel is potty-training, and doing quite well.  I suppose she just wants to share in her newfound excitement, for she often, in her flight to the bathroom, leaves the door open.  Wide open.  Inviting trouble.  And here comes trouble, crawling fast on four dimpled arms and four pudgy legs.  She "went potty" and the Twinfants went for the toilet paper.  I know exactly how much paper they went through, for I put out a new roll just this morning.  What fun!

(Sigh)  Coming out of the shower, I felt as thought I were on top of the world.  Unfortunately, that was as good as the day got.  It's a good thing I enjoyed it!

(Just for the record, I did have older children who were supposed to be watching the little ones while I was in the shower.  I was not being negligent and leaving them for extended periods of time or anything bad.  :-)  )

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