Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today I...

Today started when I got up.  Isn't that profound?  Ok, it actually started before I got up.  If it hadn't already started, I wouldn't have gotten up.  And that's the truth.

Angel had to go to the bathroom this morning, so I needed to let her in the bathroom.  We've finally put a kiddy-lock on the bathroom doorknob.  Georgie was complaining about his diaper, so I took him to the bathroom for a diaper change.  He saw the Angel on the toilet, and wanted to go "pah-TEE!"  She finished and went into the kitchen to eat breakfast.  While I was balancing a little bottom on the big toilet, Freddie barged in and wanted to sit on the "bobby," too.  I took off his diaper while George was doing his business, removed one naked baby from the toilet and replaced him with the other.  Just then, there was a tremendous crash and a wail from the kitchen.  I ran in and helped the girl and the bar stools off the floor, with both buck-naked boys dancing around us.  And that's how my day began.

I did get some of our dying grass watered, did errands in the hot van with most of the kids for hours, took said hot children to get 49 cent ice cream cones, narrowly avoided getting in an accident on the freeway, had a nice visit with my mother, was thankfully informed that the luncheon I had volunteered my house for (and then forgotten about) had been cancelled, hung inspirational postcards in the stairway, found out that David has been climbing out his bedroom window, and helped the boys chop up the branches that were blown off our tree in the last windstorm.

I put my hair up in a new hairdo-triple-bun-arrangement and it mostly stayed up and off my neck.  I remembered to look at my schedule before the day was over.  I congratulated my children on getting such wonderful grades by taking them to Krispy Kreme for doughnuts.  I cleaned up after a peanut-butter-and-apricot-jam-sandwich spree that cost the lives of a loaf and a half of fresh bread.  I helped Chris magically make dinner appear out of our empty fridge (pasta with cheater Alfredo sauce, canned fruit, and hot Italian sausages we found in the deep freezer).  I supervised the doing of chores (whew!).  I changed diapers.  Lots.  I made sure the garbage can was taken out to the curb.  I chased little people back in the house half a dozen times after they escaped.  I pulled a few weeds out of my new strawberry patch.  I folded a load of laundry, which has since been unfolded and strewn about the living room because I didn't put it away.  I braided Angel's hair.   I did not work on those curtains.

I did get a few moments to read out of an inspirational book a dear neighbor lent me (thanks, Michele!  It's making a difference!).  I did listen to some uplifting music, and I did sit on the back porch for a few minutes this evening.

Busy, slightly insane, and content.  My heart is full.

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