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Love the Home You Have

For the next part of the book, I was supposed to imagine my dream house - every room!  I'm such a planner and a detail person, so thinking all the way through my dream house will take weeks and weeks. Maybe months and years.  Gah.  I finally compromised my thinking about what kinds of things I would love to have going on in my dream house.

I want a five-butt kitchen where lots of people can work at the same time and not be in each other's way.  I also want a sitting area/family room/great room adjacent to the kitchen so I can be part of things happening/watch the kids/sit and visit with Trent while he makes breakfast.

I really want a large dining area, where we all can eat dinner together.  Enough room to set up extra tables for a big dinner party would also be nice.  Maybe the dining area should be part of the kitchen/great room?

I want a large family room, where we have seats for the whole family to hang out or watch a movie or say family prayer.  That's an important pa…

Prom Season

Prom is coming up... again.  I feel like it does this every year!  I just read that the average prom this year will cost about a thousand dollars.  Say what?  I'm not sure where all of that money goes, but we do save a little bit by having a couple of teen-sized tuxedos in the closet, and doing the flowers at home.

This year, I'm not sure where my floral wire and green tape are - probably in a box somewhere.  I'll have to go hunting.  And I don't even know what color the young lady's dress is so I can make sure I have ribbon to match.  This is what happens when the young gentleman prom-goer is involved in track and never has time to speak with his mother.

Last year, or was it last fall at Homecoming time? Chris helped me make the corsage and did a pretty good job.  Hopefully he won't claim to be too busy and he can make it himself this time.  
I was surfing around, trying to find a good diagram that shows how to make a corsage, so we could be boring - I mean …

Mission Monday

<sigh>  I am missing my boys this week.  I love looking over their letters and seeing how they are growing.  I can really see a softening of their rough edges, and at the same time a strength coming in that they didn't have before.  Serving the Lord is pretty awesome stuff.

From South Africa:

To start off, mother nature decided to do the hot, cold, sunny, cloudy thing, and mess with everybodys head. So it has been a fun and exciting week. I love being a missionary! There were so many little things that just reaffirmed my testimony this week and added to what I already knew about the Church and My Savior. I really am grateful for the Spirit and it's direction.

From Madagascar:

NORBERT GOT BAPTIZED!!! He is still a stud among studs and his wife finally came to church for his baptism and his confirmation the next day and... drumroll please... she loved it!!! We are going to get the rest of that family! Ah, he's just such an awesome man!

Then what happens on this Saturda…

Love the Home You Have

I got my new book, and I've been reading Love the Home You Have. It's been more difficult than I thought it would be.  I didn't realize how much emotional baggage I had when it came to houses.  And I love to read, and I read fast, so I was hoping to finish it quickly.  Alas, this will be a book of reflection and internal work.  Work, bah humbug.  <sigh>  But I need this.  I need to love this home and make it mine.

First of all, I was supposed to list three things I loved about my current home.  Only three!  Guiltily, I came up empty.  I fought with my thoughts for a while and finally came up with a few things.  But they came out very begrudgingly, "I don't even have a ______, but (grumble, grumble) at least we have a sprinkling system that mostly works."  Most of my first thoughts centered around the trees or the fenced yard or the great neighborhood.  
Then I forced myself to focus on the house itself.  It's really been a challenge to move into th…

Decent Women's Costume Month

I was looking at the calender today, and I amazed that it is halfway through April!  The twins love to look at the "ky-lander" and have me tell them how long it is until their birthdays.  So we were counting off how many months until their birthday, until school is out, until school starts again in the fall (and they will be in kindergarten!  Aagh!), until Halloween...
We stopped at Halloween because it is their absolute favorite day of the year, until Christmas rolls around, that is.  They are already dreaming up what they want to be for Halloween.  Current favorite: minions!  I love to sew and create - always have - so making Halloween costumes is something I put a lot of thought and time into.  I like dressing up too, but let's be real.  With a family of ten, making costumes for myself is way, waaaayyy down on the priority list. 
And forget about buying anything ready-made from the store.  I'm not about to show that much skin in public - especially chilly Hallowe…

Spring (Snow) Showers

Happy Spring!  This is the view out my back window right now. Two days ago, we were admiring our tulips and daffodils. Yesterday, we were slammed with a massive windstorm. My headline for yesterday should have been "Giant Trees Blown Over in City Cemetery.  Thousands Found Dead." 

And today, we are back to winter. We've got the gloves and boots and hot chocolate out, and the fireplace is a-humming. I was planning to do yard work today...  not disappointed to have to stay inside. 
We're cozy!

Today I...

I'm so bummed that our taxes are not done.  Due to a combination of not getting the correct W-2 forms and having a complicated financial year, we will have to file an extension.  It's not the end of the world, I know.  But I hate being late.  I don't like to run or hurry - especially when I have the pressure of a deadline looming over me. I even hate not being a little bit early.  It just unnerves me to not be where I am supposed to be when I am supposed to be there.  And so not having our taxes done before April 15 is really giving me a anxiety fits.  Gah.

So today I need to list the good things I have done today so I don't feel like a total failure.

Today, I made a batch of really good bread.  It's mostly whole wheat, but it still rose and made four great, tall loaves.  The kids will have delicious sandwiches for lunch tomorrow.

Today, I cleaned the kitchen, even though I didn't want to.  I did all the dishes and cleared the counters and wiped everything off …

Mission Monday

I woke up this morning and checked my email.  It was so nice to see letters from my boys!  It really is a huge highlight of my week, and I'm so glad there wasn't another Monday holiday this week.

From South Africa:

This week is going to be short. Lots of amazing things happened this week. We were way busy and it was a crazy busy week. We met so many people, had a ton of really amazing lessons, found a new way to teach, had zone training, had dropped appointments like nobody's business, and yeah, just the normal life of a missionary!

Zone training was awesome, as usual, and we had some really great discussions about missionary work. I always love trainings/conferences because they pump you up spiritually that you can't get any other way.

From Madagascar:

So I've been here the equivalent of one term back in high school. Hah, that feels so long ago, but I still don't feel like I've really graduated yet either.

Fun facts for the week, I've been wearing a (m…

Soggy Sofa Solution

This is why I was working with fluff yesterday.  I have my mother's couches in the front room, and the back cushions are getting more that just a little saggy.  Droopy and soggy and saggy and sad.

When we moved in last summer, we had extra pillows from the beds of our two boys who left to serve missions.  And we no longer have guests, so we have extra guest pillows.  And I found a cupboard full of extra pillows that my mother had stashed away.  Lots o' pillows!

I gathered up the pillows - used and extras - and washed them all.  They got washed and bleached and dried to a fluffy near-newness.  Everyone picked a new, fresher pillow, and I cannibalized the rest.  Even washed, they were matted on the outside.  But when you pick it apart, the inside is light and... fluffy!  How many times can I use that word?  Fluffy, fluffy...

I unzipped the cover of the sofa cushion and found another cushion instead of loose fill.  When I opened that cushion at the side seam, I found that there …

Pioneer Fail

I was working on this fluff today, and it took a long time.  Ben used to say that, in a whining way, when he was about 10.  "But it will take a loooooong tiiiiiime!"  It did.  Isn't it beautiful fluffy stuff?  It is the inside stuff of an old pillow, and we were stretching it out and pulling it into smaller pieces so it was soft again and we could use it for other things.

While we were working with the fibers - Angel and the twins were more than happy to help me - I started thinking of carding wool.  Isn't that kind of a similar idea?  You take dirty old sheep coats, wash them, and then comb the fibers out so they are soft and you can do other things with them.  
I grew up in a house with a 6-acre field out back.  It wasn't our field, but we loved it like it was.  The back neighbors kept flocks of sheep up in the mountains, and they would bring down the sheep that needed more attention and put them in The Field.  We grew up watching sheep with a limp, and sheep …

Snuggled Up Together

I am the oldest daughter of an oldest daughter, so my mother always told me that when I found a suitable suitor, I could have Grandmother's 1/3 carat diamond to use in my ring.  When I was in college, my beau and I went ring-shopping a few times, browsing and joking about the "great diamond-buying conspiracy" so many of our peers went into debt for.  One day, just before final exams, I found the the ring that sang for me.  It had simple and graceful swoops and was smooth enough that it wouldn't catch when I put my hand in my pocket.  I loved it.

We had a hard time catching the attention of a clerk in the store, who didn't believe that we wanted to buy instead of just look.  Then he didn't believe we wanted it now instead of Jay coming back later to surprise me with it.  He didn't believe we didn't want it sized (it fit perfectly), or that we didn't want a diamond to replace the customary CZ in the setting (Grandma's diamond was going there), …


I woke up this morning, like every Monday morning, excited to read letters from my missionary boys.  Actually, I was suffering a bad bout of insomnia, and I told myself that if I was still awake at 2:30 I would check my email for letters.  That may have helped me stay awake.  But I was so disappointed when there were no letters!  Not even a hurried short one!  And at 3:30 a.m. the result was the same.  At 9 the next morning, still no emails.  Boo!  I checked my email on another device, wondering if my internet connection was bad.  Still nothing.  I was surprised that I didn't get a single short note from either of them.  So strange.

But then Tuesday morning, all was well.  It turns out that Easter Monday is a big holiday in Africa.  Everything is closed for what one missionary referred to as National Hangover Day, since Easter is a big drinking and partying holiday there.  Whew!  Good to know that both of my boys hadn't abandoned me!

From South Africa:

The reason I'm email…

Love My Home

I stumbled across a new book the other day and it's hitting me pretty hard.  The name of the book is Love the Home You Have, and you can read more about it here.  I do need to learn to love the house I live in, and make it a home.

Ever since we moved in with my dad, I've been struggling to love this house.  I've been struggling to find my place here.  I've been struggling to feel at home here.  I grew up here, and it certainly felt like home then.  But I've gone away and grown up and now it's my mom's house - my dad's house.  It doesn't feel like my home.  I'm never quite at ease here, which has been draining.

Maybe I need to get this book.  Maybe, nuthin.

Stay tuned, and I'll let you know when the book comes - sometime next week.  It looks like a keeper.
Maybe it will help me to feel a little better about this odd situation I find myself in.