Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cleaning Bathrooms

We had an unexpected houseguest last night, and we scurried to get our home presentable.  Funny how we do that, huh?  Wouldn't it be nice to keep up the housekeeping, instead of doing panic-cleaning?  Or just have it look lovely for us?  One day...

Anyway, we tidied and cleaned, and I scrubbed out the downstairs bathroom.  I may need to take back some of what I said about the boys keeping their bathroom fairly nice.  Back behind the toilet was... ew.  Not bad-gagging-call-the-haz-mat-team kind of ew, just oh-yeah-there-are-a-buch-of-boy-who-live-here kind of ew.  And I cleaned it all up.  Moms do that.  And I didn't even complain (or wrinkle my nose).  I just jumped in and tackled a job and did it.  I can do hard things - and even some not-desirable-but-not-terribly-hard things.

And now I have two shiny bathrooms.  I kinda like that.

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