Friday, June 29, 2012

Nasty Vent

We have a nasty vent in the basement.  It is bent and warped and totally gross.  It is also a gateway into a secret spider kingdom where billions of the little beasties grow.  The vent cover thingie (Trent tells me is is called a heat register) is pretty bad, too.  It's rusty and bent, and the fins that control airflow are falling off.  Ew.

 I bought a new heat register.  It was not skewed or broken or rusty or breeding spiders.  I knew it would be a fight to get it into the bent vent, so I put the new register next to the vent and went upstairs to grab some tools.  A sledgehammer might do the trick.  When I ran back down, I found this:

Georgie- my baby - put the register in the vent, bent metal and all.  I think I've been put in my place - by a two-year-old.

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