Friday, June 8, 2012

Buyer's Remorse

I did go fabric shopping, at my very favorite home decorating fabric outlet.  I found some material I love for the draperies that was only three dollars a yard!  But when I go home, I felt a pang of buyer's remorse.  I didn't feel bad because I had bought things (I still love the fabric), but rather because I had left home to go shopping.

The little ones were all asleep when I left, but they evidently woke up before I got back home, because I walked in on this party:

Both twins and the Angel had an egg bash while I was out.  Where were the older brothers?  Reading books, totally oblivious.  <sigh>    Shall I mention the newly-emptied sugar shaker?  Or the waterfall in the bathroom?

At least now my kitchen floor is nice and sparkly clean!

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