Saturday, June 9, 2012

Starting to Drape

I had big plans for today.  I was going to get a good start on sewing my new drapes for the rec room.  First, I made lists, because I'm that way.  I sketched out our game plan on the white gray board and made David and Eddy help me with the measurements and the math (lots of math = good for summer brains!).

I did all this while the little ones were napping, of course.  Any time I lay out fabric while they are around, they want to sit and lay on it.  And stay there.  But today, I planned ahead.  And because of my stellar planning skills, I was able to...

cut one piece of fabric into four pieces.  Three cuts.  That's all.

At this rate, I may be able to thread my sewing machine by the end of Monday.  Woot!

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