Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!

So the twins are two.  Two.  Everything is double double when there are two who are two.  Double trouble, double fun.  Fun.

Since they are celebrities around here now, we decided to interview them.  Our venerable Grandma was the interviewer, and we let Freddie answer first, followed by Georgie's responses.  Not that we love Freddie more, but he just managed to get out first, that's all.

How old are you this birthday?  Two.  Too!

Identify something you enjoyed about the celebration:   Cake.  And grammas and grampas.  And watching everyone else eat with their hands.  I liked the toys, but not the people.  I get too bashful.  But Mom forgot the balloons!  Boo!

Name an advantage to being this age:  Total irresponsibility!  I'm big enough to climb where I want, but cute enough to get away with it.
Your address:  On the corner of two streets with lots of cars and big trucks and motorcycles.  And fire trucks!  What's an address?

Favorite room in the house: The kitchen, where the refrigerator is.  I'm strong enough to open it now.  Ha ha!  I like the bathroom - it has the water!  I love to drag in a chair, climb on the counter, and play in the sink.  And the toilet.  Good times.

Name 3 talents/strengths:  I'm strong and I can run fast and I'm big and I can open the fridge and I eat fast... (how many is three?)  I am a fabulous dancer, I can hear every airplane before anyone else, and I am the boss.

Two favorite foods:  Crackers and juice.  Ice cream and milk.  And apples (any fruit is apples).  And cookies! And eggs!  And milk.  Milk is mine!      
Least favorite food:  Ummm... I like to eat.  I have a hard time with anything I have to eat fast.  I'm a nibbler.  I'll eat yours for you! No.  Mine!  Fine.  Have it.  Mooch.

What book do you like to look at most?  Anything with trucks.  Or animals.  Or the alphabet.  I'm partial to the letter L.  I like to chew on books.

Favorite toys:  I like it if it has wheels and goes "vroom!"  I like to snuggle Angel's dollies.  Hey, me too!  Don't tell the guys.  I love my blanky, and helicopters, and I really like to throw things.  We fight over balls.  Do not!  I just take them.

Nursery teachers:  Do they have names?  I like that Shelley Lady.  And the Eccles one.  The Bezzant Lady is nice, too.

Which family member is currently your favorite during the day?  Daddy!  Mom-mom.

What songs do you like?  Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree and The Wise Man.  Itsy-bitsy Spider and In the Leafy Treetops.

Name something you don't like or are frightened by:  I'm not afraid of nuthin!  Chris.  He has a scary growl.  And dogs.

Name something you should be frightened by, but you aren't:  Riding my big wheel out of our yard and down he hill.  Whee!  Playing in my big brothers' rooms.  I like their Legos.  And I like putting little things in my mouth to chew on.

How are you coming along with toilet training?  I go when Mom puts me on the pot.  Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?  Yeah, but you're supposed to hold it between times.  I'm getting good at that part.

Favorite home activity:  Running outside and playing in the sprinkler.  And the sit and spin.  Riding my motorcycle (big wheel), and coloring, and baths.  Oh yeah.  Bath!

Favorite away from home activity:  Going for a ride in the car.  I love playing at the park with a slide!

Size of clothes:  2T.  Too.

How much do you weigh?  Six ninety-five.  I'll have to ask Mom.  But about two pounds less that him. She says we're about 25 and 27 pounds.

Describe your Sunday clothes:  Tan slacks, blue and red plaid button-up shirt, black sandals.  Tan slacks, blue and white plaid shirt, dark socks (because we can't find the other pair of shoes).  And a piece of masking tape on my back with my name on it for the ladies at church.

Pets/Names …. favorite one?  Must chase cat!  And birds in the yard!  Nefi is nice, but Nicki runs away from us.

What should Gramma know about you that I don't now know?  We love you!  You ask a lot of questions.  Where are you selling our information?

Georgie .................... and Freddie

Happy birthday, you two wonderful tykes!

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