Saturday, June 23, 2012


This famous work by Salvador Dali is what I am thinking of now when I think of  the word "drape."  I've been working on those draperies for so long that time is ceasing to make any sense.  And everything is melting, melting, like my poor tired hot brain.  Every time I sit down, I feel like I'm just draping myself on the sofa, and dribbling over the edges like this.  Draping, melting, running out of time.  I shouldn't take on big projects in the summertime.

But I finished two our of three windows (the two that really needed to be light-blocked) in time for Alec's big Avenger's movie marathon.  The boys watched the hero movies all day long.  All.  Day.  Watching them sitting wore me out.

So glad tomorrow is the Sabbath!

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