Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Goodbye, Boys!

We found shoes to wade in the river.  We found their regular shoes (hiding under the couch).  We went to McDucks (which we never do!) to keep up our strength through a shopping expedition.  We almost bought a new pair of sunglasses until Ben reminded me that he already had a good pair of aviators.  We packed chips and cookies.  We dug the big duffle bag and the good backpack out of the garage.  We pulled together two little first-aid kits.  We pulled out bug spray and sunscreen and aloe.  We had a disagreement about how much clothing was necessary.  We ran to the store for two new camel-packs so no one would get dehydrated.  We wrestled with said camel-packs when their valves were leaky.  We sent plastic bags - you never know when one might be useful.  We hunted for lost items and did some quick laundry.  We found out that Chris has grown taller than me.  We doffed our baseball caps and remembered deodorant.  We even snuck in a couple of camp chairs.  In the end, they departed, with their bags and bikes and chairs and chips.  I waved my proverbial lace hanky.  Have a good time, my boys.  Be safe and take good care of each other, and don't do anything that would end up in a Reader's Digest article.

Man, I love those boys.

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