Friday, June 15, 2012

Hanging Together

Yeah, they all say you should line your curtains.  I've lived in (wait ... I'm counting...) seventeen different places since I left home after high school.  In most of those places, I was in charge of decorating and privacy issues - curtains.  I haven't yet lined a single one.  Until today.

I took this picture without a flash, so you can see how much light is coming through the curtains.

The curtains - draperies - whatever you like to call them - on the right are lined with the plain-Jane light-blocking fabric.  The ones on the left are not lined.  This is our movie room, so it is nice to have it dark sometimes.  Hence, the curtain lining.  I always thought that making a lining for the curtains was like doubling your work, by having to essentially make two curtains for each panel instead of just one.  I'm too lazy to do more work that I have to, but here I had to.  And it does block out the light much better.

My assistant and resident Foosball expert - Georgie.  And yeah, I know the bottom hem is wonky.  
It's just pinned, and I'll make it hang straight when I actually hem it.

But I was surprised to see how much nicer the lined curtains hung.  And how much nicer they look.  More bulk, more crispness, more nicer-er.  And it was surprisingly less work than I thought it would be.  More work, yes, but not overwhelmingly more.  

Maybe we all work better when we have a little backup.  Maybe we all hang better when we have someone to hang with.  Hmmm.  Life lessons, as taught by drapery.

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