Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vanishing Computers

No, I haven't vanished.  I just can't post anything very easily because our computers are down.  All of them.  They're down and out, baby! 

By that I mean that they have been taken down and carried out to the garage.  That messy computer set up there?  It's Trent's.   Mine was squished awkwardly to the side.  We took everything out and we're redoing the room.  Fresh paint, new flooring, and then if all goes well, we'll only put half of our junk back in.  It should look great!

Oh yeah, and it has to be done and put back together in one week, before my first Mother-in-Law comes to visit.  I don't want to be scurrying around with a project when I could be visiting with her. 

Good luck to us (and so glad I have a great husband to work with!).

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