Monday, June 8, 2015

Mission Monday

It's transfer time again!  Every 6 weeks, the missions shuffle the missionaries around, greet brand-new missionaries, and say farewell to those going home.  The past 6 weeks have gone by so fast I can hardly believe it - one boy is going to a new place, but the other is staying.  So glad they are happy!

From South Africa:

(This week was) Awesome because we got a bunch of work done and we saw miracles this week.

On Sunday, we had two baptisms that we had started teaching from the beginning. The only downside of that is that the water was WAY cold, but it was really amazing. And it was really cool to see them when they came up out of the water.

Also, our open house and ward party was really awesome. We had a great turnout at it and it was way amazing! So both of those were really amazing!

From Madagascar:

Malagasy Morsel is variana. And it means distracted, and I am super variana right now because I keep just thinking about Fort Dauphin (on the very south of Madagascar and there are some crazy dialects spoken there. You are also very far away from any other missionaries... And there's a beach! And beautiful mountains! And a lot of awesome missionaries have been down there so the work is just screaming along! I'm super pumped!).

I am way bummed to be leaving Ankorondrano now though. Menja and Fitiavana are just about to get married, soiree des quartes are just about to get going, and Bakar and Fidy were just called as ward missionaries, and there are just so many people that I love, dang it! It's all good though. When I get back to Tana I'll have to visit them all, but for now, I'm just way pumped to be going on an airplane soon to Fort Dauphin.

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