Monday, June 29, 2015

Mission Monday

Love getting these letters!

Well, all that I'm going to say about this week is that it was very trying. The whole week I was learning more and more about the Christlike attributes of Patience and Temperance. Wow, our week was crap, but I did a lot of learning. Funny how things work like that. But I definitely feel like I am a better person because of it, and I now have a lot more patience than I had last week.

In other news, I got to to play with the tigers and lions at a lion park near us. That was way fun and exciting! One of the lions was even named Mufasa, so I got a picture with him, even though he was a little bit angry when we got a little bit close. 

From Madagascar:

First off, happy Independence Day! Our 26th of June over here (Madagascar Independence Day) was pretty good, we had a half and hour long firework show the night before which we watched from the balcony on the church and then everyone was out and about drinking/being with family on the 26th itself. We had a grand total of... drumroll please... TWO times taught that day! So that was poop. Especially because lots of people said they'd be home for sure even though it was a holiday. So we walked around a lot and had two way good times! And then this week is America Day!!! Have a good one of those all y'all. I will wear my American Flag sunglasses just for you. And my America socks.

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