Monday, January 19, 2015

Mission Monday

I am just now learning about Cyclone Chedza, which killed 13 people and caused severe flooding in most parts of Madagascar!  It passed just south of where our boy is,so he just got heavy rain and some winds.  So grateful that our boys are safe!

From South Africa:

This week was just another witness that the Lord really loves his children and that He leads and guides the church! The attendance at church this week was again almost double of what it has been. It was only five less than what we had last week! We are still working hard, and hopefully we will see the number of our less actives dwindle down and die. But that just means that they are going to be active members once again! It really is amazing to see how the members rally around others and how we can really use the church as a strong point.

From Madagascar:

Apparently a cyclone came through, which is like a tropical storm, I've heard varying reports about how serious it was. Short story is we had crazy weather for like two days and lost all of our pretty flowers in our yard, our neighbors lost their wood fence, some people in our area lost their brick wall, and all the plants now look like they are trying to lay down and go to sleep. You can see all the corn leaning in one of my pictures.

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