Monday, January 12, 2015

Mission Monday

I've been doing a bunch of learning about parenting.  You'd think that since I have been mothering for ... nearly 21 years now, I would have it down pat, huh.  Unfortunately, not so.  As I was reading, I remembered a difficult mothering situation.  Maybe I'll write about it tomorrow.  Just now - nearly 10 years later, I've finally figured out how to deal with that challenge successfully.  And I felt bad for these older boys, who had a very young and inexperienced mother.  I wasn't as good at mothering then.

But as I read their letters and see what strong young men they are, and how awesomely they are doing, I don't feel so bad.  Maybe all that I did (and didn't do) was just what they needed.

From South Africa:

We had so many lessons and it was rewarding to see the payoff on Sunday. Normally we have about 45-50 people at Sacrament Meeting, and on Sunday, we had 75! Of those 22 were Less Active and it was really awesome to see them come to church! Oh, and in addition to that, (a background story first) time to people here in South Africa is really an elastic kind of thing. You say 10:30 and it can mean anything from 10:30 to Noon, so we struggle to get people there to church on time. That being said, on Sunday, we had all of our young men there before Church started, and three of them were there 30 min before so that they could prepare the sacrament! So amazing and powerful!

From Madagascar:

We taught a family last week, and then when we came back yesterday, the wife told us that her husband was touched by our message and he stopped drinking, staying out late, he doesn't smoke anymore and he's been trying to be a better person! We didn't teach him about the Word of Wisdom either! We just barely taught about the restoration and that's it! It was so neat!

I've been having some problems with pousse-pousses, they're like these rickshaw things that are everywhere here. I am apparently too heavy now, and the last couple of times I've gone in one, I've had to get out and walk up the hills with them because they couldn't pull me. That's a real self confidence builder...

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