Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Bad Words

Usually when something goes awry, I pull my lips into a hard, thin line and I don't say anything at all.  In my mind are no words, just something of an evil thunderstorm.  If there are other people around, to lighten the mood somewhat, I might mutter, "bad words."  My husband especially will laugh at that.

But the today as I was trying to get two loaves of very soft sourdough bread into the hot oven without making them fall, I discovered that the oven rack was set at the wrong height and the pan would not fit in.  Out of nowhere, I hear the words, "Oh, fetch!"  What?  What was that?  Eddie, who was helping me, looked up in surprise.

"What did you say, Mom?"
"I'm not sure," I mumbled, finally getting the pan settled on the rack and the oven door closed.
"What does that even mean?" he asked.
"I don't know."  I set down the hot pads and leaned against the counter.  I know it is cliche for Mormons to use odd phrases instead of cuss words, but I didn't that particular one until I went to college and heard a friend - from Arizona - say it.  I guess it is just a fill-in for stronger swearing, or for being able to command the vocabulary needed to adequately express your feelings.  And it does sound funny.

It was never part of my repertoire, or a saying I've regularly heard, but for some reason it popped out of my mouth.  And I laughed at myself.

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