Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Family Funnies

I thought I was doing so well in this new year, posting every day - and then my writings didn't show up on the blog.  I figured out the problem, and they are back!  So look through the posts before this to see what I "posted" this week.

My kids say the funniest things!  No, not the funniest.  I think that distinction goes to my sister-in-law, JaNae.  Her kids are side-splittingly hilarious on a daily basis.  But mine are pretty funny, too.  I had to write some of these down because I forget them.  I'm talented that way.

Georgie:  How about one more Sunday and then I can be a grandpa?

Freddie:  No.  Don't dump hot soup on my head!  I will say "ouch!" and I will be dead and you will have to scrape it all up and you will have to pump my head in the toilet then you will have to flush and then pull my head out!

Georgie: I have two problems.  One is I want to see Heavenly Father and Jesus and the angels.  And the other is that I want to play a Wii game.

(During a long distance phone call to grandma)
Freddie: Who is this?   So Grandma, are you dead?  Where are you?Do you have an airplane in your backyard?

Angel:  Guess what?  I got a pencil from my teacher and then I lost it and Gram gave me one of hers and I lost that one too.  Can you believe I lost two pencils in a row?  Gram is probably so upset about that. 

Georgie:  (when prompted to get off the phone and let somone else have a turn) No!  I still have a lots of dings to say!

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