Thursday, March 7, 2013

My (Late) Husband

I like to be punctual.  My late (dead) husband liked to be early.  My current (live) husband is the late one.  I have clocks in every room, and swear by my watch.  Trent doesn't even wear one.  When we were dating, and time just seemed to fly away, I didn't realize that it wasn't the magic of the romance that made time stand still.  It is something about Trent.  He and time just don't get along, I guess.

In all fairness, I am often late even without him.  Getting this many kids going takes more time than I allot.  It's something I work hard on.  But being late just makes me crazy!  It's never worth it.

Trent and I went on a fancy date to a time-share sales presentation.  Woop.  Hafta get that "free" vacation prize they promise just for coming, of course.  We were running late - even without the children.  What a surprise.  I made him call the place, explain that we were running 7 minutes late, and ask if we would be denied admittance.  (Yes, it has happened before.  That's how I know.)  We were assured that as long as we were no more than 10 minutes late, everything would be fine.  We pulled up at 7 minutes late, and went in at 8 minutes late.

And they wouldn't let us in.  We were too late.  I raised my eyebrows at Trent in a "told you so" gesture, and he shrugged.  How he puts up with me so much I don't know!

But they gave us the restaurant gift card and the "free" vacation getaway prize anyway.  And we didn't have to listen to their sales pitch!  And we got to have a leisurely dinner out instead!  I'm delighted.  I detest sales pitches.  Trent loves them, but he's a great salesman, you know?

As we drove away, me happier than I thought I'd be, Trent turned to me and grinned.  "Sometimes it pays to be late, after all!"  Can't argue with the man.  Love my (late) husband!

This message was written with the express permission - and good humor - of said (late) husband.

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