Monday, March 25, 2013

Love My Family Room

I've been working really hard on my house this month.  I've been decluttering, cleaning, and moving furniture.
One big motivator is that I volunteered to have our women's scripture group meet at our home.  That's a great incentive to get a few things done.

So I shopped the house and brought in a couch from downstairs.  It's really my brother's couch, and we are just babysitting it, but it works so much better here.  And I can keep an eye on it and make sure the kids don't climb on it and destroy it.  That's the worst, to wreck something that doesn't even belong to you!

And I wanted to move our computers into the family room, where I can keep a close eye on them, too.  I like to know what my kids are getting into.  We'd just plunk one monitor in each of those bookshelves there, and the CPU in the cabinet beneath.  Trent agreed to the plan, and was even more enthusiastic than I thought.  All he had to do, he said, was to run the internet cables through the attic from the other side of the house and drop them back down into the family room.  No problem to have it done before the ladies came over.

I tried to get a good picture of Trent cutting through the wall in his office, but the dust was so thick!

But then this happened.  An ALAIAI (pronounced "I lie, I").  It's an As Long As I'm At It.  An ALAIAI will mess with the whole system, every time.  Alec came up with this great idea that it would be better to pull the cables through this wall than around the floorboards where they had been.  A good idea, I guess.  But ...  my schedule!  I was assured that the project would still be finished on time.

And ten minutes before the meeting was to start, we looked like this.

Trent was sucking up sawdust with the monster shop-vac while the third and fourth women came in.  And you know what?  It was good enough. He worked hard, he wanted to make me happy, the meeting was lovely, the company wonderful.

And I still have something to look forward to!

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