Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love My Garden

Anyone love fresh tomatoes?  (jumping wildly, hands waving in the air) Me!  Me!  Me!

And that is why I garden.  Trent gardens out of an inbred need to till and toil and weed.  That's just what you do, or at least that's just what his family did.  My family didn't really garden.  we had fruit trees and we made jam like crazy, but no regular garden.  We'd try in fits and spurts, but it didn't take.  Both my grandfathers had immaculate, impressive gardens.  And I loved it when they would bring us fresh cucumbers and tomatoes.

I do have to admit that I like playing in the dirt.  I'm just not very good at it.  And our garden has been a confined weed-patch that produces rocks and some tomatoes and a lot of those nasty sticker weeds (I think they are called burrweed?  Awful stuff.).  It's highly unfortunate, not only for the deflated pride issue, but also because our garden spot is right out in front of our house.  It's a lovely way to welcome folks in.

This year, though, is different.  I think I'll say that every year.

I sat down and planned out an organized garden, pulling out ideas from here and here and here.  And I'm excited.  Not just for the tomatoes and fresh salsa, but because I am planning a place that can look a little better.  It will be a place where our family can work together.  And we can get tasty, fresh, organic, good-for-us produce to help feed all these mouths.  That's the idea.

I started a bunch of seeds here in the house to get a jump on the season.  We'll see if they can survive the little people, and if the dirt can stay in the pots.  Maybe they will even grow.

And this year, I can love my garden.

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