Friday, March 8, 2013

Love My Moving Boxes

I did get some decluttering finished this week.  One of my piles that has been really bothering me is the stack of empty boxes in the sunroom.  When we moved in and started unpacking, we needed a place to put the now-naked boxes.  We weren't sure what we would be doing with the sunroom, so we stacked the boxes there.  Over time, the stacks moved to the end of the room, but they somehow stayed there.  And whenever we have an empty box, that's where it goes.  Occasionally, on recycle day, I go in and pull out random boxes: the oddly sized ones, or the yucky ones, or the beat-up ones.  I flattened out the poor box, cut it down, and put it in the recycle bin.  Good for me.

But there was always a pile of boxes there.  Always.  We stacked them up neatly to make it more tidy, but they didn't go away.  And it's been three years.  Most of the unpacking is done (and what's left should probably be given away - we haven't needed whatever it is).

I have realized that I must be a box hoarder.  I have kept the banana boxes because Trent likes them.  They are sturdy, stack well, have lids, and are uniform.  He likes to be efficient that way.  The cherry boxes are good for picking fruit.  The smaller cube-ish boxes might be good for organizing something.  Can't toss the shoe boxes because they are great to wrap presents in.  And the cardboard trays that a flat of canned goods come in - they might be helpful to make things with.  Dividers for the kitchen drawers, maybe?

My brother and sister-in-law just announced that they were moving.  I gulped, took advantage of an opportunity, and took them all my boxes.  I think there were about 50!  Fifty boxes!  They are great for... putting stuff in.  I'm glad she can use them, and I'm glad I don't have them!  Yay!  One corner decluttered.  It looks good.

I now love that part of my house that has been making me crazy.  I can do this.

Should I mention that later in the day, we went to the grocery store and picked up another dozen boxes?  Trent couldn't resist talking with the produce manager who was restocking bananas.  Fortunately, we moved those boxes out, too.  It was a close call, though!


  1. AND I am SO VERY THANKFUL for your beautiful gift. It's jump started my de-cluttering/packing! :)

  2. I had some more for you, but... I found more uses for them at my house. I'll bring them by later. Maybe.