Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday, Trent

How do you teach a child to keep a secret?  In this day, I really don't want to teach my kidlets that keeping secrets from me is OK.  On the other hand, there are some fun secrets.  I can differentiate by calling them "surprises," but it's tricky.

Angel was helping me make a birthday banana cream pie for Trent (it's his favorite).  I was trying to help her understand that she shouldn't tell Daddy about the pie until it was time to eat it.  "But why, Mommy?"  Because then it won't be  surprise.  And we need to not tell Daddy about birthday surprises but if anyone else ever asks you to keep a secret from Mommy and Daddy you must tell us right away.  See?  It doesn't work very well.

We made the pie and hid it away in the fridge to cool and firm up.  A few minutes later, the birthday boy came in the room.  Immediately, Angel piped up with, "We made a surprise for you, Daddy!"

He stopped in his tracks and started to chuckle.  Angel turned to me and innocently asked, "Is that all I can say, Mom?"  Trent looked at his little girl and  just laughed.  He said that having her and her funny ways was the best birthday present of all!

He liked the banana cream pie, too - even before the whipped cream and garnish.  And despite his pose, he did not throw it at me after I took a picture.  That would be wasting food.

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