Friday, March 15, 2013

Love My Patio

Here's my decluttering "hooray" for the week: reclaiming my back patio.

As far as patios go, it is lovely.  There is a large tree for shade, a porch overhang for more shade, a sandbox for the kids to play in, cement lines that are more swoopy than straight and boring, pretty plants, lots of grass around, flower beds, and even a trickling waterfall water feature.  Lovely, no?

Except that the tree is surrounded with weeds.  The sandbox has been a cat pit-stop for years.  The boys smashed a bucket to smithereens so there are sharp shards all over the cement.  We didn't finish raking the leaves before the winter came in strong.  And there are old pieces of carpet we had to throw out when we had a leak.  It was a dumpy, not-used area.

On garbage day, I rolled up my sleeves (figuratively.  In reality, I wanted to long sleeves there to protect my delicate arms) and dragged the carpet pieces to the garbage can.  The carpet was not very big, but it was heavy and moldy-yucky.  And now it's gone.  Happy dance!  Tomorrow morning I'll rake the leaves, sweep the patio, set up the chairs, and sit and watch the kids play.

I'm going to love my patio!

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