Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pretty Mom

No, I'm not being vain.  You should see my type here in my sweats, with no makeup on, and dirty hair.  I'm still pretty, just so you know.  God made us that way.

But I wanted to show you a couple of pictures that I finally got of my pretty mother.

Dad says she is "a looker."  I love her smile, and her beautiful skin.  I wonder if I could get my hair to do that?  :-)  She was in college, I think getting ready to go live with her brother in Germany when this photo was taken.  And I think I've seen that brooch lately (like in the past 10 years).  Gonna have to go looking for it.

Don't know how old she was in this picture, but I recognize the bangs.  Mom always cut mine like this throughout my elementary school years.

Here is her high school graduation picture, where all the girls had to wear the same black drape top, and the pearl necklace.  I think she's just gorgeous.

This is my dad's favorite shot of her.  It was taken in a friend's backyard when they were dating.  I believe it wasn't long after this that they were engaged.  She rocks the headband.  I am jealous of the ruffled three-quarter sleeves.  And how fun are the red shoes?

This is only two years ago.  Same great smile.  I'm glad to see my mother's smile again.  Love you, Pretty Mom!

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