Thursday, December 6, 2012

And if That Wasn't Enough I did lose one of my children.  And I wrecked the car.

Alec invited Ben to spend some time with him at college.  The invitation was generous, unexpected, and made a mom happy.  I love that my kids like to be together!  So we packed Ben, his homework, an overnight bag, and random other stuff off to the bus station.  He has never ridden public transit before, and was a little bit nervous.  Alec, an old pro, emailed Ben the schedule and how to get exactly where he needed to be.  There were three legs to the trip, and Ben had to successfully navigate the bus transfers to get to the station where Alec would pick him up.

Alec called.  He wanted to know where Ben was.  Ben didn't have the archaic family cell phone turned on.  Then Ben called, but the reception failed before we could find out where he was.  Then Alec texted.  Still can't find his brother.  After much mother-worry, and much more time than was anticipated, the brothers found each other.  I  understand they were in close proximity the whole time, but just didn't see each other.  Glad my lost boy was found.

Ben and I nearly didn't make it to the bus stop on time, anyway.  Trent parked our fabulously reliable little car behind the van when he came in this evening.  I didn't see it there, and in my hurry I backed into it.  Hard.     The car's name is Squishy, since Trent bought it (for a dollar!) after it had been squished in a wreck and totalled.  He fixed it up, and although it wouldn't win any beauty awards, it has been such a good little car.  Now it looks even worse, and if we are even able to replace the front passenger door, it will be one of those two-tone redneck lovelies.

My wallet, my boy, my car.  What's on for tomorrow?

I ask in jest.  I don't want to know.


  1. Um, I've done that exact thing. Backing up into your own car is the pits. Both cars need to be repaired. BOTH have to meet the deductible. Sigh. I feel your pain.

    1. Thanks for making me feel a little bit better! The car looks bad. Bad. The van just has a broken tail light. But still...!