Monday, December 17, 2012

Meeting the In-laws - 1992

Yup, melancholy.  One day I will write about what happened after I took that college tree down and moved back home.  It involves Christmas with the family, boring plans for New Year's, an unexpected visitor, Trent's party, and meeting Jay.  And the next Christmas, Jay and I were getting married.

Twenty Years Ago today, I was meeting my in-laws for the first time.  They lived thousands of miles away, and flew in for our wedding.  I had talked to them on the phone a few times, and I was learning more about them.  They were so nice, I couldn't help but to like them.  Besides, they were Jay's parents.  Anyone who had raised such an amazing son would have to be pretty amazing themselves.

One little detail worried me, however.  On the phone, Jays' dad had said that he would be expecting a big hug from his daughter-in-law to  be at the airport.  And he meant a BIG hug.  My family was not physically demonstrative.  I didn't really hug my brothers or my own parents.  How could I be expected to be part of a bear hug with a grown man I didn't really know?  I was slightly freaked out, but I managed to cooperate, and it made him happy.  That's the important part.  I did want him to feel loved and welcomed.  My first father-in-law passed away about two years ago, and I still miss him.  I'm glad I gave him the uncomfortable hug.

After picking them up at the airport, we went to a bridal shower that my aunts had planned for me.  I remember that it was at Aunt Beverly's sweet house, and that, although I was embarrassed to be the center of attention, I felt very loved.  I also loved that Jay picked me up from the shower (so they could all meet him), and took me home.  We had to park somewhere under the full moon so he could kiss all the bows out of my hair.

Happy memories, and a little melancholy.  I have a smile on, though, and it feels warm.

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