Thursday, May 9, 2013

Are You a SuperMom?

I'm a SuperMom.  I'm proud to admit it, because I work hard at what I do.  And no one else gives me applause, so I'll have to do it myself.  :-)

So today, me and my trusty sidekick, Most Truly Excellent Trent Gent (or maybe I'm his sidekick) were working on the Chicken Hideout of Splendor.  He's awfully busy at his job, (for which I am hugely grateful), so he hasn't been able to help build the coop as much as he'd like.  The boys and I have been working hard, and with Trent's help, the coop is framed, sided, and has a plywood roof.  And the best part - the chicks are living outside!  In their house, not in my house.  Happy dancing under the heavens.

This morning, as TrentGent was heading out to tar paper and shingle the roof, he took a good look at it, and decided it wasn't quite right.  I was discouraged.  All that hard work we did - and it has to be pulled down and done over again?  I didn't feel very heroic.  Maybe it's because I wasn't wearing tights.  It is a challenge to work together - for any two people.

I went in the house, despondent.  Maybe not that bad.  But I'm sure I heard sad movie music in my SuperMom background.  I sat on a chair and thought hard thoughts.  Maybe it just isn't going to work out.  Maybe he can do his projects and I'll do mine - separately.  No, that's not the right way.

I realized that even super heroes have bad days.  Superman had to get away from everything for a while.  Spiderman needs to take breaks.  There is always a point in the story where it looks like the bad guy is going to win, and the hero will have to back away in defeat.

But you know what?  The movie doesn't end there.  

Remember that, when you hear the sad movie music in your background.  This is not the end - it's the middle.  We triumph in the end.  And then pick yourself up and get back out there.  Because that is what SuperYou does. And then we win.  Really.

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