Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sharing the SuperMom Secret

Here it is - the insider information that not very many people know:

Lots of people are Super!  

It's not a traditional secret, because I just told everyone so now you know.  But it is a secret because we don't want to believe it.  For some reason, I want to think that I am just average.  Maybe slightly above average.  Most days, I think I'm moderately below average.  Me, super?  No way.

For some reason, it is socially acceptable, especially for women and especially especially for moms, to say mean things about ourselves.  We can dish out all the bad things about how hard it is to be a mom, or how exhausted we are, or how terrible our kids are.  And everyone nods and understands.

But it's not alright to say nice things about ourselves.  If I tell about how clean my house is, I'm bragging.  I can't say how great my son is without following it up with a horrendous story.  It's not ok to be proud of your mothering accomplishments.


I dunno.  But until it's ok to be positive about this mothering role, and really believe that moms are SuperMoms, it's hard to say nice things to ourselves.

So I'll have to say it for you.  Please pause while I get on my cheerleader skirt.  Rah!  Rah!  Mom!

Sorry that it just doesn't come out the same in print.  My apologies.

I'm on a mission to boost the SuperMom ego.  The other night, I went to a play that Alec had been doing sound and lighting work for,  He's put in a lot of time, and he's pretty excited about how well it turned out.  Of course I go to see it.  That's what moms do.

While I was there, I noticed another mother sitting a few rows in front of me.  She had a whole string of kidlets with her - every one was bright and cheerful and dressed adorably.  The girls all had the kind of hairdos that says, "My mom spent a lot of time with me" and even the dad was dapper.  The mom, however, was dressed in a big old t-shirt and baggy pants.  She took care of everyone but herself.

During intermission, I stole a moment to crouch down near the woman and compliment her on what a fine family she had.  She was shocked and amazed that a total stranger would make such comments.  I totally enjoyed it.  Judging from her grin and the grin of her husband as she leaned over to tell him, I think my comments made an impression.

So my challenge to you - find the hidden heroes, and let them in on the secret.  It makes for more SuperMoms, and more SuperYou, too.

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