Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Murphy Planning

I was so productive on Monday!  The kids were home from school and we got lots done.  And we didn't kill each other.  Always a bonus.  Actually, there wasn't even any fighting - I'm so glad that our kids like each other for the most part.

We got most of the garden planted, the lawns mowed (finally!  A working lawn mower!  And the angels were singing!), the porches cleaned off, and a bunch of inside work done, too.  We managed to pull off a trip to the monster club mart, and cleaned out the grill so we could barbecue.  I even packed the van full of useful-to-someone-else rubbish to take to the thrift store.

It is liberating to reclaim space.  I love taking things out of a cluttered space.  It opens up, allows me to breathe, and gives us room to do things.  Storing things is not doing things.  Having barbecues or wrestling in the middle of a clear room - those are doing things.  I want my home and my family to be about doing, not storing.

So I loaded up the double stroller that the twins don't need anymore.

And the single stroller that Angel really doesn't need anymore.

And the other double stroller.  Why did we have two?  We had twins, not quadruplets.

And the two umbrella strollers.

(Must add that I did call everyone I knew to see if they could use any of my useful-to-someone-else rubbish first!) I drove the van, full of strollers, to the thrift shop, so proud of myself for cleaning up.

The thrift store was closed for Memorial Day.


So I drove back home, feeling somewhat deflated.  I hauled the strollers back out of the van and stashed them in the garage.  Sometimes, it seems like Murphy's Law gets in the way of my planning.  No matter.  I'll take them another day.

Last night, I started feeling a bit sick.  I knew today would be worse, so I decided to give Mom a break and plan a movie day.  I never get to watch a chick flick - and now on the new tv!  I would get it all to myself during the day when the kids were in school.

This morning, I remembered - in the nick of time! - that I had to go to David's sixth grade graduation program.  And after that, I had to go help my dad.  And I had company coming over at 2.  And taking care of little people and lunch and naps in between.  By the time the visitors were gone, the boys were coming home.  So much for a slow, restful day.


Murphy got me again.  On Monday, I was trying to be productive and couldn't.  Today, I was trying to rest and had to be productive.  As long as I'm up and around, I might as well make that thrift store run.  So I loaded up the strollers again and drove across town.  Yes, they were open.

But as I opened the van doors and the thrift store guy looked inside, Murphy struck again.  "Um... did you know that we don't take baby strollers?  You can take them back home or we can put them in the dumpster for you."

What?  Since when?  Come to think of it, I never have seen strollers in that thrift store.  I just figured they were a much-wanted item and didn't stay there.  Oh well.  I kept my strollers and drove back home.

This relationship with Murphy has gone on long enough.  I think I need a new fling.  Gonna call my new guy, Craig.  I hear he has a list that might want my useful-to-someone-else rubbish.  <grumble>

Anyone want to come get some strollers?  It's that, or have seven more babies.  <falling over>

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