Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers' Day

It was a nice weekend.  I always worry about how Mothers' Day will turn out, but this year everything was fine.

I woke up on pillowcases that my grandmother had embroidered probably 50 years ago.  I wore my mother's pearls  - a surprise gift from my dad (to her and then again to me).  I got a "best mom ever" apron from the twins (thanks, thougthful church nursery teachers!).  I wore a silver signet ring from my Oma.  We took lilacs to my mom's grave, and then more to my grandma's and Trent's grandma's graves.  We had a nice dinner party with Trent's mother and the rest of the family.  A nice day.... spite of the fact that none of my children did anything!  Wait, I need to let David out of the doghouse here. He brought me a little project he had made in school, and he cooked me eggs for breakfast (trying, too late, for a breakfast in bed - bless his heart!).  He was my favorite, for sure.  Trent did get me the ebooks I had asked him to get for me, but left me to download them and install them by myself.  And I had to get the gift for his mother because he forgot about that, too.  And the dish for the family party.

So why was it a nice day?  I could have been so grouchy and mad at everyone.  I could have felt so martyr-ish because I do so much for everyone else, and then I get nothing on my day.  How fair is that?  I could have sunk into the depressive pit of despair and cried myself to sleep.  It's easy - I know because I've had all these reactions before.  And actually, it's not fun.

I was happy on Mothers' Day because I made up my mind to be happy.  I'm a pretty dang good mom, if I do say so myself.  And evidently I'm the only one saying it, so I can say whatever I want to!  I love my kids, I work hard.  I'm SuperMom - without tights.  Next year I think I'll make myself a neato costume, just for kicks.

But the Lord took away the sting of being forgotten and replaced it with his love.  I'm worth something, because He says so.  He gave me a gloriously beautiful day and lots of flowers.  This year, the holly bushes, the lilacs, the forsythia, and the viburnum all bloomed at the same time.  And the dandelions, too.  On Mothers' Day.

It was a nice day, and my heart is full.

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