Friday, May 10, 2013

SuperMoms are All Different

I have taken an informal poll of some SuperMoms I know: friends, neighbors, and some of my sisters-in-law.  I have 14 sisters-in-law, by the way.  How fun is that?  I had no sisters at all growing up, and now fourteen!  They are each SuperMoms, and I admire them.

I digress.  Just like each super hero is unique, each SuperMom is different.  I think this is where women are cautioned not to fall into the Super Mother trap.  Don't think you can do it all.  Just be Super in your own wonderful way.

Superman can fly.  Spiderman shoots webbing.  Wolverine has retractable claws.  Wonder Woman uses her  lasso to get the truth.  Batman has the Batmobile (and Alfred!  I would love to have a valet/cook/helper/staunch ally like Alfred!).  Professor X has telepathy.  Hulk is strong.  But it would be ridiculous to have one super hero with all the powers, rolled up into one person.  Granted, it would be one mean fighting machine, but it would put the other guys out of business.  Each super hero has a unique set of strengths and skills.

Mr. Incredible is a great family man, but his outfit could use some work.  Ditto the costume help for The Tick.  Tony Stark has some major ego issues.  Just because the heroes have weaknesses doesn't make them any less heroic.  Makes them more interesting, more likeable, more able to grow.

And they each have their home base, their area to defend and protect.  Gotham, Metropolis, New York, Metrocity.

I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this.  Each SuperMom has her own strengths, weaknesses, and area of responsibility.  I don't need to do everything, just my thing.

Some of my super skills are patience and toughing it out.  I've worked on that one a lot.  My informal poll showed extraordinary love, kindness, making things beautiful, health awareness, organization, and dinner in 10 minutes flat.  One sister-in-law has the gift of sleep.  I'd love to have that one!  My Super Sidekick TrentGent has the super power of falling asleep in 2 minutes or less.  And kyryptonite?  No shortage there, either.  We're all made up of good and bad.  It makes us interesting.

So take a minute today and learn a few things that make you Super.  Give a compliment to SuperMoms you see.  Thank your own SuperMom.  It' a tough world out there, but we are making it a better place.

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