Thursday, January 28, 2016

This Game We Play

Last night, my sweet niece posted this little witticism.

Yes, yes!  I still feel like I'm running around with no clue about what I am really supposed to be doing.  Or more recently, I have a pretty good idea (or sometimes just a vague understanding) of where I need to be ending up, but I haven't the foggiest how to get there from here.  Or that I know where I am going, but every path takes me further from my end goal.  Sigh.  I think we're all on the same page in this game of life.  But it does get different as you get older.

25 to 35 - still no tutorial, but you figure out how to level up. On the 4th level you realize you've been going in circles on the 1st level this whole time.  And everyone is yelling at you that you are going the wrong way, no matter which way you turn.

35 to 45 - found some online tutorials, but they all say different things and none of them actually work for you.  And they still say you are going the wrong way.

45 to 55 - realize that when you thought you've been accidentally killing your teammates, you've actually been helping them. They are not hurt, but do not appreciate your help.  And you quit reading the online tutorials.

55 to 65 - wonder why you keep playing this game, but you keep going because you have made it to the 27th level!

75 to 85 - finally get the notice with the game tutorial. It says, "There are no levels. The only way to rack up points is to help people and love."

85 plus - you win!  Hopefully.

I'm actually glad I didn't make up this game.  And I'm glad I didn't make up the rules.  Every time I think I have my life all planned out properly, something happens to show me that my plan just wasn't a good idea.  And that the Lord has a better one for me.  

It's taken me a while of running in circles, but I think I've finally gotten it figured out.  If I follow the Lord's plan, it just works out better for me.  Not easier, but better.

It works.

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