Friday, January 22, 2016

The Storybook House

I was bored the other day.  Yes, I had things I should have been doing,  but nothing on the A list, or even the B list.   Trent took the kids to play laser tag,  and I stayed home to watch over my dad,  who has been wobbly and falling a few times lately.  I cleaned the bathroom (because I got some cleaning supplies that don't make me sick from the chemicals!), and then sat.  And got bored.

I opened up my laptop and,  on a whim,  stayed looking to see if there were any good houses for sale in our area.  And then I saw it.   My dream house.

I had to put the sparkles on the picture because I always get stars in my eyes when I think of this house.  It looks like something from a storybook, doesn't it?  I always expect to see some princess coming out the front door, or find something magical in the gardens.  Actually, the first time I walked through the back yard, I did stumble across a tiny, bubbling stream.  I'm sure it was enchanted water.

We found the house several years ago when we were looking for a bigger house.  Adding the girl to my five boys meant that our house was a bit too full.  We needed something bigger.  And we found the Storybook House.

It was gorgeous.  And it had a kitchen spacious enough that we could all cook together.  I fell in love with the wooden door peephole in the front door, the tiny alcove that looked out on the front porch, and the Romeo and Juliette balcony over the great room.  The spiral staircase, the giant storage room, a dining area that would accommodate a table for ten, an office for Trent - it had everything.  Of course, with 7000 feet, it had room for everything!

Can't you hear the angels singing?  I do.  I love everything about that house.  Yes, it is really too big.  But it was going into foreclosure and was in our price range.  We didn't end up there, obviously.  And it's for sale again - for double the cost!  Sigh.  I'll keep dreaming about it.

And maybe if I take a stroll through our backyard,  I'll find something magical there, too.

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