Friday, January 29, 2016

Kindergarten Wisdom

I was picking the twins up from kindergarten today.  I was a little bit concerned about the call I had gotten from the school earlier, telling me that Freddie had a bit of a spill on the slide and scraped up his chin.  Georgie saw me coming towards the school and ran to meet me, as usual.  I catch him, spin him around a bit and give him a big hug.  He loves this, and I have to be on my guard or I'll get bowled over!

Freddie walked over more slowly, and I was ready to offer condolences and kisses.  "Let me see your chin, sweetie."  I tipped his head up and looked at the road rash on his chin and the swollen lower lip..  I gave him a big hug and braced for the meltdown.

The first words out of his mouth surprised me.  "Mom!  You know what?  I have a crush on Margaret!"  His soft face drew itself into puzzlement.  "Wait, no," he said breathlessly, "I mean, I have a crush on Bridgette.  An' she has a crush on me.  An' she likes to play with me an' everything!"

My dear boy.  Thanks for reminding me that we should be happy to play together.  What a great lesson from kindergarten!

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