Thursday, May 28, 2015

Today I...

Today I washed a load of towels.  The second time, after I had forgotten about it and let it sit in the washing machine overnight.  Then, I actually dried those towels, and got another load of towels all the way through.  I think I'll let those ones sit in the dryer overnight though, because that's ok.

Today I made four loaves of banana bread.  Trent brought a big box full of over-ripe bananas home from the store.  They sell a whole box of them for only $4 - if you get there quite early in the morning.  So now we have enough to freeze for shakes and we can make banana bread.  I would be more excited about the fruit if it wasn't the second box he's brought home in a week.  We're plum full of bananas.  So the twins and I made sweet banana bread with the yellow fruit that looked most disgusting black  ready for banana bread.

I was planning to make banana muffins too, but I ran out of flour.  I went into the laundry room/pantry/craft space/furnace room/storage area where we keep the wheat grinder.  I filled it up with wheat and turned it on to "jet takeoff."  I'm glad I can walk out of there and close the door - that wheat mill is so noisy!  I walked back in to check on it a few minutes later, only to find that I had not pushed in the lower bowl all the way.  Ai, ai ai!  The whole room looked like a scene from a bad Christmas movie!  Every visible surface was coated with white, powdery flour.  Clouds of flour were pouring out of the machine, creating a mystic flour fog that added to the ambiance.  Why didn't I take a picture?  I was too busy trying to find the mill to turn it off.  I spent the next long while cleaning up endless dusty messes.

Today I swept the floor in the laundry room - several times.  And then I decided that since I had to deep clean in there anyway, I might as well drag the compound miter saw in there and cut some wood for a project I've been wanting to do.  And then I swept the floor again.

Today I went to the temple and breathed clean, white temple air.  It was glorious to just sit there and look at the very light carpet that I didn't have to worry about keeping clean.  I loved letting my soul breathe and be filled.

Today I drove with my neighbor's daughter who is learning how to drive.  I was not traumatized.  My friend insisted that I sit in the front seat, so she could sit in the back and play solitaire and not watch the driving.  She must play solitaire in a more gripping manner than I am used to, since she kept shrieking and gasping.  I think the daughter is coming along nicely, but I am concerned about the health of her mother.  I hope her blood pressure normalizes soon.

Today I walked my daughter to kindergarten for the last time.  The next time we go to school together, she will be a first grader.  Holy time warp, Batman!  I stopped at the front corner of the school, gave her a quick hug and told her to have a great day, and she skipped happily away.  She's come a long way since she clung to my arm and leg and insisted that I stay in line with her until her teacher came to collect her class.  I felt a little melancholy watching her go.

Today I sigh and miss my babies just a little bit.  How fast they grow!  What a blessing I have to be part of this wondrous life.

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